The Reawakening Of Big Bands

Jazz Of Thufeil - Carla Bley Big Band.jpg
Carla Bley Big Band
Since the forties, big bands were increasingly the domain of white musicians.In the course of the sixties, Don Ellis outdistanced the metric preoccupations of jazz-rock. Carla Bley, with her compositions evoking the worlds of Charles Ives, Eric Satie and Kurt Weill, introduced a dimension of parody.

Jazz Of Thufeil - Don Ellis Big Band.jpg
Don Ellis Big Band
Jazz Of Thufeil - Don Ellis.jpg
Don Ellis
As for Gil Evans and George Russell, their invariably avant-garde writing led them to the dismantling of the structures of the big band, frequently shrinking the wind section, shifting the weight to the rhythm section, and adopting a freedom inherited from free jazz. Aura (1989) was the first record Miles Davis brought out with a large group since he recorded Quiet Night with Gill Evans in 1962.


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