Fusion In The Studio

Little by little, the taste for musical crossbreeding gained acceptance. The term 'fusion' was given preference over that of jazz-rock, which was considered too restrictive.
Jazz Of Thufeil - The Brecker Brothers.jpg
The Brecker Brothers, Randy amd Michael Brecker

The Brecker Brothers caused a furore. Strengthened by their experience with John Abercrombie and Billy Cobham in the group Dreams, they were able to adapt to any context what they inherited from Coltrane, juggling ternary and binary phrasing with complete ease. Randy, the trumpet player, and Michael, on sax, became unavoidable reference points for future instrumentalists, as much for their contribution to studio work as for their improvisations.

Jazz Of Thufeil - David Sanborn.jpg
David Sanborn

The alto player David Sanborn, equally sought after by the studios, practised a fusion just as joyful, bearing at the same time both the mark of his closeness with Stevie Wonder and the imprint of Gil Evans' band, in which he spent some time.


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