The Quest For And Rejection Of Memory

Two kids paradoxical and complementary approaches were at work in what was called,in a failure of nerve, 'European improvised music', rather than jazz. For some, who turned their backs on the essence of jazz, it was a question of tracking down the phenomenon of memory in order to free themselves from it and help them move away from the rigours of the battlefield of improvisation, many European improvisers were deeply concerned with their heritage.

Jazz Of Thufeil - Han Bennink on Pan Drum.jpg
Han Bennink on Pan Drum
Jazz Of Thufeil - Willem Breuker and Han Bennink.jpg
Willem Breuker and Han Bennink

  If cultural references were the object of devastating derision for the Dutch drummer Han Bennink and the German saxophone player Peter Brotzmann, they called forth tender impulses from Michel Portal when he grabbed the silvery bandonion (a South American accordion) or evoked his Basque origins.

Jazz Of Thufeil - Peter Brotzmann.jpg
Peter Brotzmann


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  1. I just know Bennink from your blog here, then I checked out his music, What a great musician!